Rams Offense Can’t Keep Up With Patriots 26-10

Well that was boring. And that is a big deal coming from me. I love football. I will watch a shitty Thursday night game against the Browns and Jaguars. I can’t get enough of football. But I have to say this game could not keep my attention, and I am not going to blame it on my ADD. No, this was not your average Patriots game. Our Offense struggled all day to move the ball. The Rams had a total of 162 yards. Brady only threw for 1 touchdown. There was not a lot of plays being made on either team. But hey a win is a win. And with how close the race to the #1 seed is right now, I really can’t complain about facing the Rams this late in the season.  So lets get into it.


You could just tell how this game was going to play out on the 1st drive. Patriots are on 4rd and 1 and decided, hey, fuck it. Lets go for it. Blount lines up in the backfield, looks like we are going to blast this up the middle and pick up that tough 1 yard. Wrong.

Blount force trauma all the way to the house. Can someone please tell me what the fuck Maurice Alexander was trying to do here? He legit was running away from tackling Blount hahahaha. Right then and there, that’s when you knew it was over.

I think the biggest positive of this game was that the Defense is actually forcing turnovers for the 2nd week in a row!!!

I know I know, these turnovers have come against the Jets and Rams, but still, I am going to take this a a positive and a step in the right direction.

Also, I loved what I saw from out of the Wide Receivers yesterday. With Gronk out for the rest of the season, this group is going to have to step up and they did yesterday. Malcolm Mitchell had another big game and I am loving how he is playing right now. Also, Chris Hogan had a great game yesterday with this beaut of a catch in the end zone.

Like I said earlier, a win is a win. And on that note, we’re on to Baltimore.



P.S. You know it is a boring game when this clip is the highlight of the game.

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