David Pastrnak Is A Really Good Hockey Player. MY COLUMN:

Are you kidding me??? That goal was straight out of a video game. That cross over was so fucking fast I don’t understand how he did it. And the patience to wait for Luongo to make the move was just beautiful.

I knew we had something in this kid when he made the club out of the gate as an 18 year old. But holy shit, this kid is special. This season playing with Marchy and Bergy has only made him that much better. He currently has 15 goals in 21 games. Hell, he had 15 goals all of last season! He is currently in 3rd place in goal leaders in the league. I put that 1st line right up there with any in the league. And with the emergence of Brandon Carlo, it is nice to have a nice little youth movement on this team. Because lord knows we really needed it.

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