This Highlight Video Of All Of Tom Brady’s 201 Wins Might Be My New Favorite Video

I know shit gets thrown around a lot, and recency bias kicks in, but there is no denying it. Tom Brady is the best Quarterback to ever play the game. There is no debate. Anyone who denies that is either A) Lying to themselves or B) Wrong and stupid.

Don’t come start spitting out stupid comments like “Ya but he has had Bill Belichick his whole career.” Shut up, open your eyes. There is no one that even compares to Brady. The only one who maybe could is Montana, and Bill Walsh was no slouch.

Brady is the best ever and we are all lucky that we are able to watch him play ever single week. We get to watch someone who is the best ever at their sport play. Brady might be the only active player today who is considered the greatest ever at their sport. Maybe Mayweather, I don’t know. Don’t you dare say LeBron. But Brady is still out their playing better than he has ever before. This is it. This is the peak. No one will ever play at this level ever again. And I for one think it is a joke that Brady isn’t getting handed the MVP right now. It is like how Bill is not given Coach of the Year every season even though every single year there is no coach that is better than him. But congrats Tom. Congrats at becoming the most winningest Quarterback of all time. You truly are the greatest of all time.

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