The NFL Already Came Out And Said There’s No Need to Look Into Deflategate 2

SOURCE–   The NFL said there were no issues with the footballs used in last Sunday’s New York Giants-Pittsburgh Steelers game, after a report that two of the balls were found to be underinflated.

In addition, the NFL said the Giants never filed an official complaint with the league.

“The officiating game ball procedures were followed and there were no chain of command issues,” the NFL said in a statement Sunday. “All footballs were in compliance and no formal complaint was filed by the Giants with our office.”

The league issued the statement after Fox Sports reported Sunday that the Giants tested two footballs used in the game in Pittsburgh and questioned their inflation levels. Fox Sports reported that the Giants then alerted the league.


This is a joke right? There is no way that the same league that dragged out a 2 year vendetta, a witch hunt, against Tom Brady and the New England Patriots. There is no way that the same league who gave out the largest fine in NFL history right? But now, the Steelers get in the same exact situation and they are not even going to look into it? What a fucking joke. Goodell you spine less mother fucker. Once again this just proves that there are 2 sets of rules in this league, 1 for the Patriots and 1 for everyone else.

The league saw that they had a chance to take a shot at the Patriots and made this non story the biggest story in sports for 2 years. It truly is the Patriots vs the World. No one gives a shit about the Steelers cheating. The NFL cares so little about it they won’t even look into it. They wanted to squash this so fast that they released their official statement on a iPhone notepad.

But hey, it is what it is. You don’t win as much as the Patriots do without getting a target on your back. Ho hum everything is back to normal. Take away our Quarterback, take away our 1st round pick, doesn’t matter to us. 10-2 and in 1st place in the AFC. Just another year for the Patriots.

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