Patriots Dominate The Ravens In The Biggest Game Of The Year

There it is. Finally, the Patriots played a complete game against a team that actually runs an NFL Offense. In the biggest game of the season, the Patriots stepped up and delivered their all around best game. Listen, don’t look at the scoreboard and get confused. This game was a blowout. The Patriots murdered the Ravens. It wasn’t even close. The Patriots went up to John Harbaugh and just shoved him into a locker. Domination from beginning to end. If it wasn’t for Cyrus Jones, this game is Patriots up by a billion.

I don’t think you can start anywhere else in this game other than the defense. Holy shit! That was hands down the best Defensive performance of the year for this squad. From the first snap of the game the Defense played lights out. Trey Flowers, who has been one of the best players on that side of the ball this year, got absolutely screwed out of that strip sack. He has been so good as of late. Then don’t even get me started about Malcom Browns safety.

The Defense was making plays left and right. And really that is the biggest take away of the game. If the Defense plays this well the rest of the way out there is no stopping this team. This was their best game schematically as well. They were mixing and matching and the Raven’s O-Line had no idea where the pressure was coming from all night. And I need to know, what the fuck took so long??? How did it take this long for them to figure out they have to scheme a way to get pressure? Lets just hope they keep this up because that Defense was dangerous. Our Defensive players weren’t only making plays on Defense either. Shea McClellin made the play of the night, yes that is right, I said Shea McClellin.

And no internet, I will not say “Jamie Collins who??”. Wanna know why? Because Jamie would have caught the ball out of mid-air and returned that baby to the house. That’s why.

Oh yeah and guess what?!?! The Patriots had our 3rd (!!!!) straight week with a Defensive turnover! NBD but kinda a BD.

Well now that I stressed how awesome the Defense played last night, now I can gush over how well Brady and the Offense played against one of the best Defenses in the league. I can not stress this enough, Brady made them his bitch. He tore them up. Besides that one interception in the Red Zone (which was BURTAL btw), Brady was magnificent. He would have been even better if Edelman didn’t have a case of the drops yesterday. He needs to figure that out quick. What happened to our sure handed receiver? Good thing we have those other guys. You know, the new ones. Like rookie(!!!) Malcolm Mitchell who has been on an absolute TEAR as of late. He reached the end zone again on an a pass that Brady threaded the needle right to him.

If you thought that catch was nice, they get ready to jizz ourself on this catch by Bennett.

How he snagged that ball I will never understand. Unreal. But guess what? Brady wasn’t done there… nope. He was saving the best for last. An absolute BOMB to Chris Hogan!

The additions that this team made over the offseason has made this Offense unstoppable even without Gronk and Amendola. This was the best game of the season for both sides of the ball and this team is without a doubt in my mind going to the Super Bowl.

Now we face our 2nd biggest rival on a short week. We’re on to Denver.

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