Colin Cowherd Tells Us Something We All Already Knew, The Patriots Are The Best Dynasty In History


Listen, by no means am I a Cowherd fan. He has some fucking stupid takes, but I have to admit it when he gets one right. And I know what you are thinking, uhhhh no duh. No shit the Patriots are the best dynasty in the history of sports. But the way Colin describes it in this clip is just kinda amazing.

15 years. 15 fucking years. Think about that for a second. That is sooooo long. How can any team do what the Patriots have been doing for 15 years?? And when you consider how Brady is playing the best Football of his career right now, it only makes it that much more impressive. Not only are we lucky enough to see the best Quarterback to ever play the game every single week, but we are witnessing something that might never happen in sports again. A team dominate a league like the Patriots have done.

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