Should The Patriots Take A Chance On Michael Floyd?

This is my favorite. Trying to figure out what the smartest man in Football history, Bill Belichick, should do. I am addicted to it. This usually hits it peak during the draft, where I spend countless hours doing mock drafts and playing with draft simulators trying to put together what I believe is the best decision for the Pats. However, I am a nobody and Bill is, well Bill. So I usually get it wrong and wait for the “HA I told you I was right” moments, which don’t happen a lot. But Christmas came early this year! The Cardinals cut former 1st round pick (13th overall) Michael Floyd yesterday. So the question is 1) Should the Patriots pick him up & 2) Will they.

  1. Should The Patriots Pick Up Michael Floyd?

First we have to talk about the elephant in the room, the DUI. Floyd was cut right after he was arrested. Obviously, that was a big reason for him being cut. Especially when point out this was not his 1st DUI. The Patriots certainly put a lot of stock in arrests and misconduct ever since Aaron Hernandez. They shied away from signing people with red flags and have not been afraid to let guys go after getting in trouble with the law (Brandon Spikes). So, the real question is, would the DUI stop the Patriots from bringing him in? I say no, and it should not. Look at Alan Branch, there was a reason he was available for that Super Bowl run in 2014, it is because the Bills cut him after his own DUI. Almost identical situations.

Next we have to look at the depth of the position on this team. This year is actually the deepest the Patriots have been at Wide Receiver in years. We have the long time core guys in Julian Edelman and Danny Amendola and the new additions of Chris Hogan and rookie sensation Malcolm Mitchell. However, with the current injury to Danny, the Patriots are looking to find another body for depth, hence the addition of Griff Whalen.

With the addition of Whalen, this points out that Bill agrees that they needed to bring in new blood into the depth chart.

So the next question would be who is a better receiver, Griff Whalen or Micheal Floyd. The simple answer would be Floyd. The former 1st round pick has not only has put up better numbers than Whalen, but is a big bodied receiver that can make big plays. The question is, does Bill want that type of receiver in the mix? If he is strictly looking for an Amendola replacement, Whalen has skills more similar to Danny. However, I think that the skill set that Floyd brings is something the Patriots have lacked since Randy Moss left, and that is a big bodied physical receiver on the outside. This is why I believe that they Patriots should bring in Michael Floyd.

2. Will The Patriots Bring in Michael Floyd?

No, absolutely not. You wanna know the reason? It’s not the DUI, it’s not the money, it’s because it makes too much sense. When everyone zigs, Bill zags. When I think it is a no brainer to bring him in, Bill will think it is a no brainer to pass on the guy. Thats just how it works. Really though, I would love to bring the guy in and see how it is, even if he never touches the field, bring him in. See if he can pick up the Offense. He played for Charlie Weis at ND, maybe he can pick it up. I know Bill values the end of his roster, but adding Floyd over Whalen just has a higher upside. But like always, I will be wrong and Bill will be right, just ask Jamie Collins.

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