Tom Brady Gets The Monkey Off His Back, Patriots Take Down The Broncos In Denver 16-3


That might have been the most boring important game I have ever seen. This game was huge. The Patriots coming out with the W not only secured them the AFC East Championship, but also earned them a bye in the playoffs. The Pats are now 1 win away from locking up that #1 seed. But damn, was that game boring. There was only 1 touchdown the whole game and it was a 1 yard goal line blast from Blount.

Hey don’t get me wrong, I am not some fantasy nerd that only likes watching touchdowns and can’t appreciate Defense, but this game was just sloppy. Neither Offense found success in moving the ball down the field. But I think it is a testament to this Patriots team that they were able to do what they couldn’t do last year against Denver, and that is run the ball and play great Defense.

I mean the Defense played great all game. They have really played well for over a month now and they are about to hit their peak at the perfect time. The Secondary played amazing. Butler totally shut down Emmanuel Sanders. Took him completely out of the game. Everyone saw it, everyone knows it, besides Sanders of course…

Logan Ryan had himself a game as well, including this interception that he read the eyes of Trevor Siemian and jumped the route perfectly.

That wasn’t the only big play made by the secondary yesterday. Devin McCourty also made a HUGE play to turn the ball over on downs to basically seal the game. (Note: This is NSFW, Thomas dies on this play. He is no longer living.)

It was a great win over a big time rival last night. It is no surprise that these two teams don’t like each other. When you play each other year in and year out like they have the last couple of years it is natural to build up some hate. I think we all can agree with Julian Edelman on his feelings of the Broncos.

Great win and this team is in prime position to claim the #1 seed. As we look forward to Christmas Eve vs the Jets lets hope we get an early Christmas present with a win and lock that spot up. We’re on to New York.

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