Video Of Michael Floyd’s DUI Arrest Is Released And People Are Acting Like Something Has Changed

Here we go, the video of Michael Floyd’s arrest get put out there and everyone looks to the Patriots to release him like anything has changed since they picked him up. News Flash: Nothing has changed. This video is exactly what they told us what happened in the first place. I hate the people out there who ignore reports unless they see the evidence with their own eyes. It is the same people who didn’t give a fuck about Ray Rice beating his wife until they saw the video. It is crazy.

This video shows everything that was originally reported. If the Patriots were fine picking him up before then there is no reason why they should cut him now. I am not saying this isn’t bad, drinking and driving is horrible and you are a fucking asshole if you do. But a video being released should have no effect on the outcome and the fact that people are going crazy now because of this video is beyond stupid.


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