Patriots Reportedly Asking for a 1st and 4th Round Pick In Any Trade For Jimmy Garroppolo

Listen, because I am a loser without a real life, this is a question I debate with myself constantly. To trade or not to trade; that is the really question. Jimmy Garoppolo, is he the successor or the Deflategate recoup. Personally, I am someone who believes that there is nothing more important in this league than “the guy”. And if you have “the guy”, than the most important thing you can have is the next guy. From what I have seen so far, I love Jimmy G. I know the Patriots love Jimmy G. I think he could be the long term answer, however, when will he get his chance?

Tom Brady is playing better than ever before. Somehow he has gotten better with age. He is more mobile, he is throwing it better downfield, and he is moving in the pocket and feeling the pass rush better than ever. Brady has only gotten better since the Patriots drafted Jimmy G in the 2nd round. Since the massacre in Kansas City in 2014, Brady has been the best Quarterback in the league. So when will he slow down? When will Brady hit the “inevitable drop off” that has plagued the legends of the past. Most currently Peyton Manning, who seemed to be a completely different player from breaking records in 2013 to whoever that was we saw last year.

Garoppolo becomes a Unrestricted Free Agent after the 2017 season. That means the Patriots have to make a decision. 1) How much longer do they feel Brady will be a better option than Jimmy and 2) Do they think they can make Jimmy wait around that long?

I am not one of the delusional Patriots fans that think (with a Boston accent) “Oh yeah why would Jimmy want to leave? He will sign for back up money so he can play for Belichick and win championships.”

I will tell you why he would leave, money and playing time. Why people think that a guy is going to willingly sit behind Brady when they have the chance to go make bank and be the starter somewhere else is beyond me. Jimmy is not going to want to wait for Brady to retire to play when he can make more money and play somewhere else. So I take away the idea of signing him to be the backup. So then, if we want to keep both QB’s for the 2018 season, the only way it is going to work is if we franchise tag Jimmy. This means coughing up $19.953M for the 2018 season for Jimmy G to be a backup. Not the most cost effective strategy.

So, while I think Jimmy could be the guy here and I would love for them to keep him, I realistically don’t see it happening. I would love for the Patriots to figure this out and keep both QB’s on the roster so Jimmy could succeed Brady but I don’t see it happening. I think the next Patriots Quarterback after Brady isn’t even in college yet.

What do you think? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

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