Patriots Roll Over Dolphins In Season Finale 35-14

2nd year in a row that we ended our regular season in Miami, and boy does this year feel a lot different this year. Both years we had the same stakes in the game, win and lock up the 1st seed. Both years we had the same debate, to rest or play. We all know what we chose last season and resting our players and losing cost us big time when we had to make the trip up to Denver for the AFC Championship. This year we decided to right the ship and go out there are finish the season strong, guaranteeing that the road to Houston goes through Foxborough. So lets jump into the extended 16 game preseason finale.


The Offense was firing on all cylinders this game. That first drive really was the most important of the game and set the tone. Miami was playing pretty well and almost forced the Pats to punt a couple times, but Brady was able to get the job done on a few 3rd and longs. He then caped off the drive with a play action pass to Bennett who seems to have a touchdown every single game.

Brady and the Offense had no intentions on slowing down as they scored on the very next drive on a touchdown that has legitimized the Patriots claim of Michael Floyd. To me this was the Floyd game. This is when he earned not only Brady’s trust, but the trust of his teammates. This guy had a gritty, tough performance that I think is just what he needed to do to be able to have any impact for this team during the playoffs. This touchdown was just beautiful.

Not even 5 Dolphins players could stop his drive and will to score that touchdown. And he was not done there, no. He also had one the the most beautiful blocks that led to a long Edelman touchdown.

This is no diva 1st round Wide Receiver. This is a guy who now has a chip on his shoulder and wants to go out there and do anything he can to help the team that gave him a 2nd chance win another Super Bowl.


The Defense also had a great game which is now what we expect from them. They were doing a great job a putting pressure on Matt Moore and forced him to make mistakes. I know I shouldn’t be surprised anymore since they do it every week now, but this team keeps forcing turnovers! I honestly didn’t think that they would be able to keep it up by how few they had in the 1st half of the season, but they continue to impress me. I am pretty sure they have the best turnover differential in the league, but what do you expect when Brady has only thrown 2 interceptions all season….

I am happy that we won that game yes, but I am more happy that we walked out healthy. From looking at where we were last year walking out of Miami after handing the ball off too the ghost of Steven Jackson a billion times, to where we are now, you have to LOVE our chances at running the table in the AFC. We can’t face our biggest competition in the Steelers and Chiefs until the championship. And I still love our chances against either of them in Gillette. I am ready. Give me Playoff Football. Give me Tom Brady in the postseason and lets get to Houston already. Bring me Lombardi number 5. One for the thumb.

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