Under Armour Releases Tom Brady Athlete Recovery Sleepwear And I NEED It

Listen, just like plenty of people growing up in the world today, I am a sucker. I am, I’m a complete sucker. It is the age we live in. There are advertisements everywhere. Any place that can have a sponsored message has one. And I promise you, anything that has to do with Tom Brady, I am sold on. It doesn’t even have to be sponsored by Brady, if I see him wearing something, I am going to buy it it is as simple as that. So when I saw this ad yesterday, I knew I fucked up. I knew that I should have asked only for cash for Christmas and invested all of it in TB12 pajamas. I don’t even wear pajamas, but I knew that I needed them. I needed them more than I needed air to breathe. So moral of the story, I am a sucker and if you are trying to market something to me, photoshop it on Tom Brady.

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