Josh McDaniels Says No Thanks To 49ers And Will Remain With The Patriots

Everything coming up Patriots. Honestly we couldn’t be in a better situation right now. We are going to be playing the Steelers in the AFC Championship game, who we always destroy. AND we are keeping the #1 Head Coaching prospect in Football on our team for next season.

I’m not going to lie, I thought Josh was gone. I thought he already had a deal with the 49ers and he would get his last chance at being a Head Coach. But I guess it finally hit him. When you have something this good, why leave it? When you have the best Quarterback in Football and are guaranteed to go to the AFC Championship every single year, why leave it.

I don’t think Josh will leave until there is a perfect situation ready for him. Denver would have been it this year if he hadn’t already fail with the Broncos. I bet you he is waiting for a spot with a great QB already in place. If the Colts job or if the Packers job was available, I bet he would have taken it. But he would have been dumb to go to a team that is blowing it up and has no QB and a bat shit crazy owner. But I am happy you came to your senses Josh. I look forward to winning a couple more Super Bowls with you.


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