The Patriots Are Super Bowl Bound After Torching Steelers 36-17

What a game. Unreal. The Patriots went out last night and did just what I expected them to do, blow out the Steelers. I kept saying going into the game that I was not worried about the match up and that we would kill the Steelers and I was right. People were telling me I was being cocky, I wasn’t. It’s not cocky when you say you know the sun is going to come up in the morning. I knew the Patriots were going to beat the Steelers because they always do. It is a fact that the Steelers are Tom Brady’s bitch. The Steelers have never beaten us in a game that matters. Brady has historically kicked their ass every time we played them. I knew we were going to the Super Bowl before the game even started.

With that being said, I am not taking this for granted. It is a special feeling knowing your team is going to the Super Bowl. Knowing that your team has a chance to make history and win their 5th Super Bowl.

Last nights game was a master piece. Just a perfect game plan on both sides of the ball. Brady was able to do anything he wanted all game long. And that meant hooking up with Chris Hogan again

and again

and again…

Hogan had a career game which is amazing when you think about how he almost did not play because of his thigh injury.

Hogan was not the only one getting in on the touchdown passes by TB12. Brady was able to chuck the ball all over the place.

The Offense was dominate in this game but so was the other side of the ball. The Patriots legit took Antonio Brown out of the game. He was no where to be found. Malcolm Butler was doing Malcolm Butler things out there and shut him down, similar to a certain ad that played last night…

I will say that the line did not get as much pressure as I was hoping for. However they did come up clutch where it matters, the Red Zone. After they called Jesse James down short on the 1 yard line, the Patriots really stepped up and had one of the nicest goal line stands I have seen in a while, including this stuff by rookie Vincent Valentine.

Not only were they stingy in the Red Zone, but once again Bill Belichick looks like a genius with big plays from players that he was able to acquire this season via trade.

It was a complete game from the Patriots which is just what we needed to see after that piss poor performance against the Texans last week. Now we get 2 weeks to prepare for that Falcons Offense and how to shut down the monster that is Julio Jones. I have no idea how I am going to survive waiting another 2 weeks. Let’s go baby, one more game. One for the thumb.


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