Tom Brady Sr. Says Roger Goodell Doesn’t Belong On The Same Stage As Tom Brady Jr.

PREACH MR. BRADY PREACH!!! Listen, everything that Tom Brady Sr. just said is 100% true. Nothing he said there is a stretch or made up. Goodell is a lying son of a bitch and he does not deserve a moment of Tom Brady’s time. The best part of this is you know this is exactly how TB12 actually feels. Now Brady is too much of a gentleman to say these things himself and so when he is asked he will say stuff like this.

Brady would never come out and say it but he agrees with everything his dad said in that interview. There is a reason why Tom fought the good fight in court. Because he knows that he was unjustly attacked by the NFL. And why Tom might have lost the battle in court, he is going to win the war on Sunday. One for the thumb.

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