Sound The Alarms: The Boston Bruins Are Good Again*


Listen, I like what I see and I am excited by what this team has done in the last 3 games, but I don’t wanna fall for this again. Remember this is the Bruins. The same team who whenever Claude was on the hot seat would pull out a couple good wins. So 3 games is wayyyyy to small a sample size. But so far I like what I see, the biggest improvement so far has been the Defensemen jumping into plays in the Offensive zone.

I mean those are just stupid numbers. And these are plays you never saw under Claude. Frank Vatrano said it the other day which I thought was a pretty big deal. He said that they aren’t play afraid. I think that’s what these young guys have been playing like under Julian. He put so many people in the doghouse that they were playing afraid. Julian never wanted his Defensemen to jump into plays like we have seen. He was always a ‘stay at home’ type guy.

I am as excited as I have been in a while about this team and I am looking forward to the rest of the season. Lets hope they keep this up, because if they wanna make the playoffs, they are going to have too.

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