Good God I am on the edge of my seat constantly refreshing my Twitter timeline even though I already have Woj and Stein’s tweets on notifications. It’s going to be Jimmy Butler, right? I mean it’s gotta be. I am just hoping (praying) that we don’t have to pay too much. I mean with the way Boogie just got traded for pennies on the dollar a guy can hope, right?

I don’t want to speculate what it is going to take. Mostly because I will actually go insane. But I need, neeedddd to keep at least one Brooklyn pick. I know I am an idiot, but I have fallen in love with Markelle Fultz. But now we wait. Lets all hope I don’t die of a heart attack before it all goes down.


P.S.   Just a little heads up for people who don’t know, this is the last time Isaiah tweeted out the eyeballs emoji 👀

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