Dont’a Hightower Quote Tweeting A Video About His Free Agency Is In Fact Bad

I am not gunna sugar coat it, this is not great. I mean it is never great when you have the best defensive player in the free agency market actually hit the market. But it seems like Hightower has no problem with people knowing he is about to hit the market. Oh yeah and also this little update too.

So they talked last week, but he is exploring his options. Why do I get the feeling he is already gone? There is no way the Patriots are going to pay this man what he is worth, right? I mean we are talking about the open market, where stupid teams who are ran by stupid GMs over pay players every single year. There is no Defensive player on the market this year better than Dont’a. He is going to become the highest paid Linebacker in the league and it is not gunna be with the New England Patriots. I hope I am wrong, I really do. I hope #54 is still rocking the flying elvis next season. But something in my gut tells me that he is already gone and I have a feeling it is not the 3 cups of coffee I just drank.

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