People Who Are Mad At Gronk For Joining The Match At WrestleMania Have A Huge Dump In Their Pants


First of all, I just wanted to say that was awesome. Gronk was 1000% in his element last night with all those jacked up wrestlers. If he wasn’t made of glass I would think that the WWE would be a perfect place for him once he is done with Football. When I saw this clip last night, I thought it was hilarious and I thought that was a good sign that Gronk’s back is almost fully healed. He has gotten far from his walker days.

But to no surprise of anyone, there were people who were 🗣 MAD ONLINE!

And for those people, please fuck off. You are the worst kind of person. Could you plz do me a favor and get off social media/radio/TV save us from your shitty takes. Thx u v much. Gronk literally ran at a dude and fake shoulder bumped him. (Sorry,, sorry,, SPOILER ALERT: Wrestling is in fact fake!) People who are acting like Gronk could have gotten hurt doing this stink out loud. If you are mad at this, then you should be mad that Gronk was driven in a car to the event, because there is a bigger chance he could have gotten hurt in a car accident then what he did in the ring. Actually, the most dangerous part of what Gronk did last night was probably climbing over the barricade. That shit looks threatening!

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