Marshawn Lynch Reportedly Is Interested In Playing For The Patriots With Richard Sherman, Wait What?!

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Well lookie here! A NFL vet wants to play for the Super Bowl Champion and next years favorite? I have never heard that headline before! Who knows what Lynch still has left in the tank after retiring over a year ago, but you wanna know what? I would love to find out. Sign me up! Marshawn Lynch on the Patriots would be must see TV. Oh god would do I love this player, on and off the field. I mean this would be an amazing pick up by the Pats.

And that is not even the best part. Because earlier today, Scott Zolak said on 98.5 that he heard that the Patriots were still in on Richard Sherman. That Lynch wants to play with his former teammate once again and that with the trade rumors swirling about Sherman to New England, he would want to go there with him. Good gawd…

With everything that the Pats have already done this season, could you imagine capping off the offseason by adding Marshawn Lynch AND Richard Sherman?!?! Oh my god there would be no reason to actually play the season. Hand over the 6th Lombardi.


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