Celtics Pull Off The Biggest Upset In NBA Playoff History Without Isaiah Thomas Beating The Cavs On The Road 111-108

I can’t believe it. I really can’t. To go into that building, against that team. After that blowout, without your only All-Star. They did it, they really did it. With their backs against the wall, with all the odds stacked against them, they went into the house of the defending champs and took them down in the biggest upset in NBA Playoff history.

I still can’t believe it. They were down by over 20 at half. They didn’t have their best player in this game. And they were able to play tough, get hot, and scrap their way into this game and pulled it out. I can not overstate the heart of this team. Games like last night makes all of this worth it. Games like last night makes you proud to be a Celtics fan. No one, no one in the entire world except the men in that locker room thought they could win last night.

With the loss of Isaiah Thomas, everyone had to step up to make this game even close. And that is exactly what they did. Marcus Smart da gawd, holy shit who saw this coming. With IT down, Marcus was the next man up, and he was the perfect man for the role. In the 1st two games, the Celtics got bullied. The C’s got pushed around and saw the Cavs and tucked their tails between their legs. If you don’t think you can beat the Cavs, then the game is already over before it even starts. Ask DeMar DeRozan.

Image result for pathetic simpsons

The Celtics walked into that game last night and fought. Guys like Marcus, guys like Jerebko, they were physical and you could tell it had an impact on how the Cavs played. Marcus was a beast last night for Boston.

27 points 5 rebounds 7 assists 7 for 10 from three.

How?! This is the same Marcus Smart who every Celtics fan cringes whenever he has the ball beyond the arc. Obviously it is hard to believe that Marcus is going to put on a performance like this again this series, but good gawd, what a night when the C’s needed it the most. I assume when the final buzzer went off last night Marcus snapped back into reality like Will Ferrell in Old School.

It wasn’t only Marcus’ shooting either, he was facilitating the offense unreal as well.

I could go on and on how each player on the Celtics stepped up last night. Al Horford had a great night and scored a couple huge 3’s and in the post in clutch time down the stretch. Jonas Jerebko gave the C’s a spark off the bench with his physical play and his huge shot with under a minute left.

Jae Crowder was one of the big reasons for LeBron James playing like a little bitch last night. And last but not least, Avery Bradley.

Just a great win last night that Celtics fans will remember for a long time. And I know it is just one game in a series, and the C’s are still down. But for someone who has followed this team all the way through, last night was a great, great night to be a Celtics fan. And on that note, 😎


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