Big Baby Glen Davis Fires Back At Austin Rivers On Instagram For Talking Shit

So here we are, this video of Big Baby calling Doc Rivers overrated came out this February. He kinda came off a little butt hurt to be honest and Davis really hasn’t had the type of career to call anyone overrated.

Now flash forward to yesterday, where Austin Rivers is a guest on FS1’s Undisputed…

Little Austin Rivers is going on TV to defend his pops. Am I the only one who thinks this is just an awkward situation? Well after Big Baby saw Austin call him out on TV, things got even more awkward.

Ohhhhh boyyyyyy!!! I never thought that I need more Big Baby in my life, but here we are. Keep this feud going like your relevancy depends on it Glen, because lets face it, it pretty much does.

Also, I love love love that Big Baby pretty much admits that he was overweight and late all the time. There is no way anyone who is actually only late to a couple practices is gunna admit that he was late to a couple practices. Everyone under sells everything. So there is no doubt he was a repeat offender.

Also, Big Baby 100% forgets plays all the time. I mean why else would KG yell at him to the point where he cried on the bench??

But I do not care that I believe 100000% of what Austin said, I LOVE the comeback by Baby! Go get him Baby!!! I want a fight!!! I need something to entertain me during the offseason!


P.S. I need Big Baby’s jacket here more than I need air to breath.

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