Jimmy Garoppolo Says He Would ‘Entertain Any Possibility’ For Patriots Contract Extension

Well, well, well, look at what we have here. I will say, I have always been on the ‘trade Garoppolo’ train. It just makes sense. Tom isn’t going to be done after this season and Jimmy’s contract is. So it just makes sense, capitalize on Jimmy’s trade value now while he is still under contract instead of letting him walk for nothing. Because unlike some Patriots fans, I thought there is no way, no how Jimmy would want to resign here no matter what the money is to not play for another year. When he could just go somewhere else and start.

I realize how good of a situation New England is, believe me. But that is not how these players think. They think that it doesn’t matter if it is Cleveland, if they get the chance to play, they will turn that place around. The good ones have to be that confident in themselves. So I was beyond surprised in the narrative that came out about this topic.


It all started out the other day, when ESPN’s Mike Reiss wrote a piece on “Would Patriots, Jimmy Garoppolo consider 1-year, $24 million extension?“.

While excitement and anticipation for the New England Patriots’ 2017 season is as high as it has been in the region in recent memory, some looking to the future have asked the question, “With the Patriots not trading Jimmy Garoppolo, what happens with him after the year?”

Last week, Patriots Hall of Famer Willie McGinest touched on the possibility the club would put the franchise tag on Garoppolo, buying them another year with a top backup quarterback as they assess Tom Brady’s ability to continue playing at a high level entering his 40s.

That would be an outside-the-box move, as teams don’t use the franchise tag — projected to be around $24 million for quarterbacks next year — on backups.

McGinest, now an NFL Network analyst, pointed out how anyone who has watched the Patriots operate shouldn’t rule it out.

“Well, if you’re talking about things that never really happen that seem to happen in New England; yes, it’s a possibility,” he said during an appearance on “NFL No Huddle” with hosts Kordell Stewart and Brian Weber. “I’m not sure how long he is going to be in New England. His deal is coming up [after the 2017 season]. There’s a lot of quarterbacks that reached that point and they leave.”

This obviously stirred conversation on local and national sports media.

“Would the Patriots actually try something like this?”

“Would Jimmy even consider it?”

“What does this mean about Brady?”

This led to lots and lots of dialog, but it was only that, dialog.

UNTIL the other day when Jimmy was asked about it in the video above. Jimmy said that he would entertain the possibility of an extension, which reeeeaalllly caught me by surprise. And then, the same day, CSNNE’s Mike Giardi, who seems to be close to the Goroppolo situation, sent out these tweets on the matter:

“The grass isn’t always greener”?! No shit it isn’t! What other franchise has the greatest coach of all time? What other franchise has the stability that New England has? What other franchise has the type of roster that is currently in Foxborough?! No one!

I honestly thought that Jimmy would never consider sitting more years than he has too, but if he realizes that staying in New England is the best long term career move for him, then I am all fucking in! I have been quoted that I believed that Tom Brady’s successor isn’t even in College right now. But, just the fact that the team is willing to consider this means that they believe that Brady’s window is shorter than what I think. And when I say that, I am not specifically talking about his window of playing at an elite level, I am talking about his window of being a New England Patriot.

Tom has said it before, he wants to play until he sucks. Hell, even Tom’s dad thinks it is going to end bad in New England. That the team is going to want to move on from Tom before he wants to call it a career. I didn’t think they would ever move on from Brady, but this Garoppolo extension talk seems to say otherwise. Jimmy Garoppolo might be Tom Brady’s successor after all.


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