Markelle Fultz Will Reportedly Work Out With The Kings. Danny, Put The Phone Down.

Ok, it is official. I am mad online. For the most part I enjoy the internet. I think it is very useful and entertaining. Twitter dot com is a website that I spend a lot of my day on, for better or worst. Some say I am even addicted to it. If gives me everything I need to know about my favorite sports teams. The good, and the bad. This, my friends, is the bad.

Imagine how upset I was scrolling through my timeline this morning and seeing this tweet by Ailene. I have no idea who Ailene is, I have never heard her name before today, but I hate her. I hate her with all my heart. Because after reading this tweet, I instantly thought of a little rumor that was spinning around last week…

I remember seeing this report and thinking that the kings were idiots, why trade 5 and 10 to move up to 3 and take a player who is probably going to be available at 5? But for #1? That would be a steal. The Kings would be trading ponies for a horse. To walk away with the best player in the draft would be a kings ransom (yes, I intended the pun). Who in their minds would make that trade with the Kings?!

Trader Danny, that is who.

How ironic would it be, for the man who the last 3 drafts has been trying to trade up, trades down when he finally wins the lottery. This, is why I am mad online.

I have made no attempt on this website to hid my feelings on Markelle Fultz. He is the clear #1 pick. He is not only the best player in this draft, but better than anyone in last years and next years draft. He is the franchise player the Celtics have waited for and hoped to get in this Brooklyn trade. Everything seems to be coming up Danny Ainge, so why, why in the hell would Danny make this trade? I beg of you Danny, please, for the love of god, put down the phone. You don’t have to make any trades. You won the lottery. Don’t over complicate things. Take the best player. Take the player who is going to be your teams cornerstone for the next 10 years. Draft Markelle Fultz. It really is that simple. He wants to be here.

Just draft the kid. Don’t do anything you and the Celtics fan base will regret forever.

Put the phone down.



P.S. Maybe this heart attack I have been having all morning was for nothing.

But what I do know is, where there is smoke, there is fire. Even with a possibility of a visit means that something was floated out there. If you are Markelle, you don’t say you are only going to workout for the Celtic’s to then visiting the team with the 5th pick. Something was said to him or more likely his agent. Unless this is really all made up and people just like to see the world burn.

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