The NBA Draft Is Finally Here And There Are Plenty Of Celtics Rumors

It is here. It is finally here. The NBA Draft is here and the Celtics are picking 3rd for the 2nd year in a row. And in classic Celtics fashion, there are a million different rumors flying in a million different directions. The biggest rumor of them all and the one I am praying to be true is the Celtics trading for Kristaps Porzingis. Phil Jackson is PISSED at Porzingis for skipping his exit meeting with the team and therefore is about to send him packing. This all took place last night on MSGTV.

Yes! YES! YESSS!!!


This happened late last night, and as we arrived to draft day, the rumors did not slow down.

Lets first start here, David Aldridge tweeted out that the Knicks think Porzingis is as valuable as the 1st overall pick and want a package that is worth that. Hmmmmm, I don’t know about you, but I think the Celtics just acquired a package that was worth exactly the number 1 pick. I might be grasping here… but I think we might be able to work something out.

Then we had the Woj bomb.

There were many other reports similar to this, that Jackson was asking for the moon for the young unicorn. We heard the Celtics were in and the Suns mostly. That Jackson asked for the #4 pick and Devin Booker, but the Suns said no way.

So now we get to the Celtics. Apparently Phil while originally said yesterday he wanted 2 starter and a pick, seemed to change his mind. Because he asked for a HAUL!

Obviously that is wayyyy tooo much, even for a guy like Porzingod. So, like any good GM, Danny had a counter offer.

Another lottery pick?! Where the hell are they going to get another lottery pick? Minnesota, thats who.

Oh my oh my. Trader Danny is out here wheeling and dealing. Wolves coach/GM Tom Thibodeau reportedly loves soon to be free agent Avery Bradley, and since I don’t see the Celtics resigning him, he would be the guy to ship out.

So this is where we stand. Will Danny and Phil meet in the middle and come up with a deal? I am praying that they do. This is the perfect guy to put the chips out for. He is 21 and is already an amazing player. And he is ONLY making $4.5 million next year! He is under his rookie deal for the next 2 seasons and then he is a restricted free agent. Trading for him then allows you to still sign Gordon Hayward in free agency. This is the move that put the Celtics up with Cleveland. This is the move that sets the Celtics up for the now and the future. I hated, HATED the Philly deal. However, if it sets up this deal? Then I forgive Danny.

The Celtics need to give up the #3 pick, the Lakers pick and Jae Crowder (who Phil loves if you remember).

I am not giving up Jaylen Brown or the Brooklyn pick next year. If they would rather the #7 pick this year, then fine, trade Avery Bradley and the Celtics own pick next year and go get #7. If Phil wants his big white then get him his big white.

The Celtics need to make this deal. And from every report I have seen, this deal revolves around Josh Jackson. Everyone loves Josh Jackson.

If the Celtics take Jackson, then the deal might be on. If they select Tatum though, it seems like they are taking their guy and won’t trade, which I will be disappointed about. Does this scenario sound familiar? Thats because it should. The SAME things were being said last year about Kris Dunn. Everyone wanted Dunn. If the Celtics were going to make a trade, they had to take Dunn. Well they didn’t. The drafted Jaylen and look how those twos rookie seasons played out. Advantage Celtics. So who knows, this is Danny Ainge. The fact that we are hearing rumors make me believe that this is not going to happen. But then that same rule kinda blew up in my face in the Philly deal.

So after all of this, we have absolutely no idea what they are going to do. Which is exactly what Danny wants. Hopefully when you check this site tomorrow you can read about how the Celtics pulled it off and won the 2017 draft.

I will be live tweeting about the draft all night on Twitter @CaseyBake16. Good luck everyone, we are going to need it.


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