Tom Brady Ranked No.1 In ‘The Top 100 Players Of 2017’

Surprise, surprise. The player who SHOULD have won the MVP this season has been voted by his peers, the people who play this game and know a little something about it, have voted Thomas Edward Patrick Brady Jr. the #1 player in the entire NFL.

This was a slam dunk, no brainer. And the fact that the actual MVP of the season, Matt Ryan, was voted #10 on this same list is proof that the media and the NFL were after Brady. That even though he was wrongly suspended and missed the first 4 games of the season, he STILL should have been named MVP. But that is done, that is in the past. Brady got the ring and was named Super Bowl MVP.

This should just be another chip on TB12’s shoulder. Something he keeps in the back of his mind. That after putting up one of his best seasons of his career, he was shafted by the league. The season can not start quick enough.

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