People Need To Relax About Gordon Hayward Saying He Can’t Stand Tom Brady

Listen, nothing makes me more angry than when someone picks any other Quarterback/player over Tom Brady. Because lets face it, they are lying. Gordon Hayward is a big fat liar and I am confident in saying that. However, I completely understand why he is lying by saying Aaron Rodgers is better.

Gordon Hayward was born and raised in Indianapolis. He grew up a Colts fan. While I feel bad for him, I respect why he feels the way he does about Brady. If I grew up a Colts fan, I would hate Brady too. Hayward season in and season out would watch his idol Peyton Manning just get stomped on over and over and over and over and over again. That kind of stuff has effects on people. I would bet my life that Hayward has had more than one nightmare about Brady meticulously marching down the field and beating his beloved Colts.

So people of Boston, relax. Take a step back. Stop getting upset at Hayward because he despises Tom Brady. Feel bad for Gordon Hayward. He has had to watch Brady show up Peyton his whole life. And who knows, when Gordon signs with the Celtics maybe he will change his mind. Most people in this town do. Isaiah Thomas grew up in Seattle and was probably heartbroken when Malcolm Butler picked off Russell Wilson. He seems to love TB12.

Brady is infectious. He is just that kind of guy. If Tom was able to turn around Turtle, then he can turn around anyone.


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