The Celtics Called Cavs About Kyrie Irving, But They Shouldn’t Trade For Him

NBA: Boston Celtics at Cleveland Cavaliers

SOURCE–   The Boston Celtics and Cleveland Cavaliers just faced each other in the Eastern Conference finals and could be on a collision course again next season, making a trade between the teams — much less a significant deal involving a franchise cornerstone — very unlikely.

That said, the Celtics still have placed the obligatory call letting the Cavs know they would like to be kept in the loop regarding point guard Kyrie Irving, sources told ESPN’s Zach Lowe.

Irving reportedly asked the Cavs to trade him and no longer wants to play alongside LeBron James in Cleveland.

“Boston could offer Isaiah Thomas, Jae Crowder and one of their golden picks — Brooklyn’s pick next season, or the Lakers/Kings pick they got from Philly in the Markelle Fultz deal,” Lowe wrote. “It’s unclear if they would dangle all of that, but those picks could represent the young stud Cleveland needs.”

When the news broke Friday of Kyrie Irving demanding a trade from the Cleveland Cavaliers, just like many Celtics’ fans, I was overwhelmed with joy. FINALLY! After all the talk of the turmoil building up for the Cavs, the bubble has finally seemed to burst. Make no mistake, the Cavs trading Kyrie at this point in the season is going to make them worst. Jimmy Butler has already been traded to Minnesota. Paul George has already been traded to Oklahoma City. Chris Paul has already been traded to Houston. The stars have already been moved this offseason. Anyone who would have been available to the Cavs in a trade for Kyrie have already been shipped out. And for this reason, the Cavs have lost all leverage in any trade. Also, Kyrie seems to have a preference where he would like to play this season.

Any way you want to cut it. This is bad news for the Cavs, and great news for the Celtics. The Celtics have had the best offseason in the league. They added the #1 Free Agent in Gordon Hayward. They were poised to give the Cavs an actual battle this year for the Eastern Conference Championship. Now, if you take Kyrie off that team, are the Cavs still the favorites? I would say no. Of course this depends on who they trade Kyrie for, but the most realistic option right now is to revisit the trade offer they had the night of the draft.

Obviously, this plan will have to be tweaked with Paul George no longer being available. And it seems like that is the plan.

Who knows if they will then flip Jackson and the pick for veteran players to help them go after a championship. They might just hold on to them with the writing on the wall that LeBron is going to leave them next season.

It is funny to think about how Josh Jackson refused to meet with the Celtics because they would not guarantee that they would not trade him, and now he is in the mix for this Kyrie deal. It is funny how things work out huh. 🤔



Now that I was able to get through all that, I want to address the main point of this article. Please, Celtics fans, stop wasting your time and breath on a possible Celtics/Kyrie trade. It is not happening. And there are many reasons why it is not going to happen.

First of all, tweets like this make me want to pull my hair out.

Why are we doing this. So the Celtics are going to give up their best player, their best asset, and their best contract for Kyrie Irving? This does not make the Celtics better, not in the present or in the future. It really surprises me how many people think that Kyrie Irving is an upgrade over Isaiah. Are you guys even watching the games?? It is like people forget that Isaiah was just 5th in MVP voting last season. Can we please just take a look at their stats last year? Tell me who is better.

– Kyrie Irving: 25.2 ppg 19.7 FGA 47/43% splits 58% True shooting% 7.4 offensive win shares

– Isaiah Thomas: 28.9 ppg 19.4 FGA 46/38% splits 62% True shooting% 10.9 offensive win shares

Also I love the argument that playing with LeBron HURTS Kyrie’s numbers. That playing with the best player in the league who is also a amazing passer hurts Kyrie’s stats. Folks, Kyrie averages more shots a game than Isaiah, AND Isaiah still scores more. So please, do not tell me that if Kyrie did not play with LeBron that he would put up better numbers. Playing with LeBron helps Kyrie. Isaiah gets double teamed every single night because the Celtics did not have another legit scoring option like Kyrie has in LeBron.

Oh but how could I forget, Isaiah is a Defensive liability, right? Guess what, so is Kyrie….

The only thing that is more appealing about Kyrie over Isaiah is his age. Kyrie is 3 years younger. I don’t know about you, but getting 3 years younger for someone who is not an upgrade is not worth giving up assets for.

So please Celtics fans. Do not listen to idiotic talk show host who have no idea what they are talking about and want someone because of the name recognition. Isaiah is better than Kyrie and it seems like you will find that out soon when Kyrie is no longer playing with LeBron who makes him better. Isaiah is the star of this team and when he gets paid next summer, he will stay the star of this team. So please, just stop with the Isaiah – Kyrie trades. I beg of you.

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  1. […] When you look at the numbers, Isaiah and Kyrie are very similar players. Hell, they even have the same strengths and weaknesses. Both are amazing iso players, both are amazing at finishing at the rim, both are proven clutch performers, and both are horrible on the defensive side of the court. I broke down some of the stats earlier this offseason: […]


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