Brandin Cooks Has Been Literally Catching Everything At Patriots Training Camp

It seems like every single day, the biggest news coming out of Patriots Training Camp is how amazing Brandin Cooks has looked. And I don’t know about you, but I have 100% bought into the hype. His explosiveness. His speed. His route running. His hands. Good gawd, this guy has been putting on a show. Day in and day out, he is making highlight after highlight. How the hell did the NFL allow the Patriots to get a guy like him?

I hate to break it to you NFL, but you are all screwed. How are NFL Defenses going to be able to cover the Patriots Offense this year? You have to cover Gronk. You have to cover Edelman. You have to cover Hogan. AND now good luck trying to cover Cooks all at the same time. This isn’t fair! I almost feel bad for the rest of the league.

Brandin Cooks is going to give the Pats something they haven’t had since Randy Moss. I know it is kinda cliche, but he is truly going to be able to stretch the field. In camp so far Brady has been airing it out. I mean he isn’t using his normal quick release, get the ball out quick bang bang. No, no, no. He is pointing that elbow to the sky and flinging that thing like a javelin. The Patriots Offense this year is going to be borderline unstoppable if Cooks is able to understand the scheme, which I believe he will. I have heard that him and Brady have spent this whole camp side by side, with Cooks trying to learn everything he can. Get ready folks, because this year is going to be fun.


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