The Patriots Finalize Their Roster, Including A Couple Surprise Trades

Trades on trade on trades. This was a busy weekend for the Patriots front office. After the rule change that skipped over the first round of cuts, there was a lot of work do be done to get from 91 to 53 after the 4th preseason game. Here were a list of the cuts:

SOURCE: The Patriots released 11 veteran players: RB Brandon Bolden, OL Jamil Douglas, OL James Ferentz, RB D.J. Foster, LB Jonathan Freeny, DL Geneo Grissom, DL Woodrow Hamilton, OL Ted Karras, DL Darius Kilgo, TE James O’Shaughnessy and WR Tony Washington.

The Patriots released four first-year players: LB Trevor Bates, FB Glenn Gronkowski, WR Devin Lucien and WR K.J. Maye.

The Patriots released 17 rookies: DL Josh Augusta, DL Michael Bart, WR Austin Carr, TE Sam Cotton, RB LeShun Daniels, Jr., LB Brooks Ellis, WR Cody Hollister, DB David Jones, DB D.J. Killings, OL Jason King, DB Will Likely, OL Conor McDermott, DB Kenny Moore II, OL Max Rich, DB Jason Thompson, DB Damarius Travis and LB Nick Usher.

The Patriots ended up resigning Brandon Bolden after placing Shea McClellin on IR.

With the amount of quality players who were cut by the Patriots, it was no surprise that they had the most players in the league who were claimed.

I was honestly a little surprised by some of these cuts. I thought DJ Foster should have made the team over Brandon Bolden after the camp he has had. I also thought Austin Carr could sneak his way onto this team with Edelman out. He got picked up by the Saints which is great for him. The Patriots traded for James O’Shaughnessy at the draft. He was the most claimed player in the league. How could the Patriots not trade him for something instead of cutting him for nothing? Also, Conor McDermott was drafted in the 6th round this season. How can he not be better than Cameron Fleming or LaAdrian Waddle??

While those players did not make it through waivers, there were a number of players who did who have resigned with the Patriots’ Practice Squad.

I am very happy that DJ Foster is still here, as well as Geneo Grissom knowing how thin they are at that postion. With Jacob Hollister making the roster, it is cool to see his twin brother will be sticking around with him on the practice squad.

The big news this weekend however were the trades. Starting off with the Pats shipping out Justin Coleman, a player who played well and seemed to have a role on this team, sent to the Seahawks for a 7th round pick.

An interesting move because I thought Coleman has played well in his time in New England and shipping him out for a 7th rounder and then keeping any of the rookie CB’s on the roster is a strange move. They must have had something in mind though, because they ended up giving Seattle that pick right back after trading for DE Cassius Marsh.

Obviously they are reeeaaalllyyy thin at that position so it makes a little more sense that they would chip away at the CB depth to help the DE depth a little more. However, the biggest trade of the weekend and the one that I am the most excited about was when the Patriots traded Jacoby Brissett, coming off his big preseason game, to the Colts for former 1st round pick WR Phillip Dorsett.

The genius that is Bill Belichick strikes again! He just turned a 3rd round pick QB who was not going to play a snap this season into a 1st round WR that can help fill in the hole that Edelman left in the roster. No, I am not saying that Dorsett is the Patriots’ Julian Edelman replacement. That would be idiotic. What I am saying is that Dorsett can be what Chris Hogan was last season while Hogan can maybe help fill in what Edelman did.

Dorsett was under used in Indy. That is just a fact. The Patriots should be able to do what they have done for many players who have come to New England after being under used. Find them situations they can be successful in. This is a guy who was drafted high out of Miami for a reason. He has talent. He is fast as hell and can make big plays.

Think about how much speed the Patriots have gained this offseason. With the additions of Cooks, Dorsett, and all the running backs compared to Blount. Belichick has made an emphasis to make this team faster after looking slow in the Super Bowl against Atlanta. This team is more explosive and has more speed no question.

Dorcett might also be the answer the the Patriots Punt Returning woes. I don’t know about you, but I do not want Danny Amendola returning punts. We need to keep that man healthy. Dorcett does have a little experience returning punts. I would not be surprised to see him getting a shot at the role.

The Patriots have never been afraid to make a trade to fill in holes to this roster and this weekend is a perfect example of that. We are 1 day away from the season opener and it will be interesting how all the new pieces the Patriots have acquired this offseason and preseason are utilized on the field. We have made it Patriot fans. It is officially Football Season.

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