The Patriots Bounce Back Taking Down The Saints In Week 2

We are back baby! After dropping the Week 1 matchup against the Chiefs, we all knew what was coming. The Patriots just do not lose 2 weeks in a row. It just doesn’t happen. So when the Patriots came up short in Week 1, you knew the Patriots were going to figure it out and demolish the Saints and that pathetic thing they like to call their Defense.

So what did Tom Brady do? Oh you know, just went out and threw three (3) first quarter touchdowns. Just slight work.

The first one was a beautiful dime right into the basket of Rex Burkhead. This was nice to see because they tried to get Rex to make these kind of plays last week but he just couldn’t make the catches. This week he was able to get an extra step on the Saints Linebackers.

But Tom wasn’t done there airing it out. He then threw a touchdown to Gronk that showed everyone why Gronk is a man among boys in this league.

And then we had the 3rd to Chris Hogan, who showed his toughness all game by sticking it out and producing while being hurt and limping the whole day.

I was really happy with the way the Offense as a whole played yesterday. The play calls were much better from Week 1 where I felt that they got impatient and just kept throwing deep vertical routes. That is not what the Patriots do. They kill you with 1000 paper cuts. The are the best team at throwing short routes and with Edelman gone I was nervous about how the play calling would be. They had to change the Offense and I was nervous in the direction they were going in based on what they were trying to do against the Chiefs. However, yesterday they seemed to get more people involved. They threw to the Running Backs a lot which I loved (even though I still think they aren’t using Dion Lewis enough). They seemed to have a better plan and weren’t just chucking it up there.

I thought the Defense also played well, especially some of the young players. Deatrich Wise Jr. had a game. This kid looks legit, man. He looks the part and played like it as well. He was constantly pressuring Brees and looked like more of a factor than the 1 sack would tell you on the stat sheet. Another young guy who stepped up was Jonathan Jones. He has a couple nice pass break ups including this touchdown saving one.

Speaking of the Secondary, I was surpised when they announced the starters and Eric Rowe was listed opposite of Gilmore instead of Malcolm Butler. Belichick would say afterwards that this was because of the Saints’ WR hight, but this is starting to scare me. They are going to trade Butler at the deadline aren’t they? This just feels like Bill is going to start phasing out Butler like Welker to Edelman. For some strange reason that I can not put my finger on, Bill does not want to pay Butler and just like Jamie Collins who was in the same situation last year, he is going to be dealt at the deadline. I swear I can feel it in my bones and I am upset just thinking about it.

This whole team seems to be dropping like flies with Gronk getting hurt and not returning with a groin injury. Phillip Dorsett getting banged up with a knee injury. And Chris Hogan limping around all game. That mixed in with Hightower and this team is really getting hit hard by the injury bug. They need to figure this out and figure it out fast, because I am not sure how many more guys they can lose.

So we walked out of the Superdome with the first win of the season. The whole team looked better than Week 1 and they played a complete game. Lets just hope everyone is fine and also get a couple guy back heathy. We are on to Houston.

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