Tom Brady And The Patriots Do It Again And Spark A Late Comeback To Beat The Texans 36-33

Another game, another crazy comeback. I mean there is no counting this team out. One team has Tom Brady, and the other team is screwed. There should have been 0 doubt when the Patriots got the ball back before the last drive, that they were going to march down the field and score. This is what Tom Brady does. He was the comeback kid during his time at Michigan and he shown time in and time out why he earned that nickname during his NFL career as well. He is clutch. The most clutch player I have ever seen in any sport. On the biggest stages, in the biggest moments, Tom Brady just exceeds all expectations.

The passing game all day yesterday was sporadic. Sure, they were scoring on big plays and people were racking up yards. However, they didn’t have a lot of sustained drives. This offense did not look like what we have come to know them for. They had problems converting on 3rd downs. They didn’t kill you with 1000 paper cuts like they usually do. And maybe that is a reflection of what they are going to be this season. Edelman is gone. They have added guys who can get down field. It seems that they are changing to their personnel. However, if they can’t convert on 3rd downs like they have been able to do in the past, then we have problems. And I know that sounds crazy, they put up 36 points on one of the best Defenses in the league. But Brady said it himself in an interview this morning on WEEI, the Offense struggled putting drives together. They lost the time of possession battle. While they did score points, they had a hard time moving the ball without big plays.

They had a bomb to Cooks which set up the Gronk touchdown.

Stephon Gilmore had the interception to set up the 1st Hogan touchdown.

And then Hogan and Cooks both had big runs after the catch to score on their next 2 touchdowns.

Look, there is nothing wrong the way the Offense put up points yesterday. Hell, it was pretty fun to watch when they scored. But it was not the same surgical drives that we are used too. This was not the quick release, efficient Pats Offense we are accustomed too. And when the Patriots did not hit on these home run plays, the Offense couldn’t keep drives going. They couldn’t stay on the field, and they forced our Defense to be out there for way too much time.

However, when the Texans kicked the field goal instead of going for it on 4th and 1 to pretty much ice the game, everything changed. When you saw that Brady was getting the ball back with over 2 minutes left and down less by one score, you knew this game was over. Because Tom Brady did what Tom Brady does, and that is march down the field and win the game.

Because like I said, in the big moments, with the game on the line, there is no other Quarterback in the history of the NFL you would rather have than Tom Brady. Another guy you can add on that list of being clutch, Danny Amendola. Danny just has shown it time in and time out that when Brady needs someone to make a play, he is a guy that Brady will go to and can depend on. And after yesterdays game, I am hoping that Brandin Cooks has just started to join him on that short list. That catch was a thing of beauty. The awareness to not only catch the ball but keep both feet in bounds and then secure it while falling on your face. Just one hell of a play and one hell of a comeback. This is the reason that we love Football. For moments like this, when we remember how lucky we are as Patriots fans to be able to watch the Greatest Ever put on performances like this.

Another Sunday, another Patriots win. HIT THE MUSIC!


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