Bill Belichick Breaking Down The Chris Hogan Touchdown Adjustments Is A Must Watch

I honestly could watch this for hours. This is Patriot Porn. The Belichick Breakdown may be my favorite videos on the internet. Sure, most of them are Bill not telling you anything, but every full moon, Bill will tell you something like the adjustments in the Texans games that led to big touchdowns to Cooks and Hogan. Bill seeing how the Texans Safeties play in Cover 4 during a preseason game and just exploiting it on game day.

This is why the Patriots are the Patriots and everyone else is just playing for second. That Josh McDaniels can pick up on Hal telling Joseph to trap when Hogan does that out route and then making an adjustment mid-game for Hogan to run and out and go for an easy touchdown.

This is the kind of stuff that wins you championships. This is the kind of stuff that the Patriots do better than anyone else. That a team can be as stupid as to talk about what they are going to do RIGHT in front of the Patriots sideline. Joseph might as well told Chris Hogan what to do. Because the Patriots are gunna take that and make you look silly. Which is exactly what Josh McDaniels did. Which resulted in a touchdown and photos like these:

Ho hum, another Patriots win due to the Patriots not only being the better football team, but the smarter one. It’s almost not fair having the best Quarterback and coaching staff in the league on one team. The brilliance of Bill Belichick.

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