The Patriots Prove They Not Only Hold Real Estate In The Falcon’s Mind, But Are Also The Better Team

Well, if you weren’t certain before last night, now you know. The New England Patriots own a large chunk of property in the Atlanta Falcon’s brains. So much so, after blowing the famous 28-3 lead in the Super Bowl, they pee themselves every time they get a lead. However, they didn’t have that problem Sunday night.

After blowing a lead last week against the Jay Cutler led Dolphins, the Falcons walked into Gillette Stadium and proved everything we thought they were after Super Bowl 51. They are a talented, dumb team. So dumb that they overthought everything. They constantly went for it on 4th and longs. They were acting like they were a FCS college team pulling out all the stops against Alabama instead of being the defending NFC Champions playing in a Super Bowl rematch. They fell into the trap that many teams facing the Patriots do, they were stupid and took themselves out of this game.

You see it all the time, the Patriots play smart, mistake free football and wait to let the other team make a stupid mistake that costs them the game. Well, while most teams have one stupid mistake, the Falcons had multiple, over and over again. Once again they seemed to abandon the run when Devonta Freeman seemed to be having great success. They didn’t target a total mismatch in Julio Jones on Johnson Bademosi enough. They went a total of 3 for 12 on 3rd and 4th downs. The worst of them being going on 4th and 8 at midfield with under 2 minutes to go when the Patriots still had all 3 time outs left… Obviously they did not convert and left Tom Brady way to much time with way to short of a field, which lead to beautiful catch by Brandin Cooks.

Which then was followed up by the one guy the Falcons can’t seem to figure how to stop, James White.

Talking about Brandin Cooks, what a day he had. This game shows you exactly why the Patriots traded a 1st round pick for him. After the Super Bowl, Bill Belichick realized how much speed his offense was lacking compared to Atlanta’s defense. In comes Brandin who was the fastest player on the field last night. And what are you gunna do with someone with all that speed? Put him to work. Jet sweep behind the monster that is Rob Gronkowski for 6.

Personally, I think we should run the ‘Gronk blocks everyone for a touchdown’ play more. Seems like that one McDaniels drew up might work.

I know I talked a lot earlier about how the Falcons stupid decisions Sunday night blew any chance they had in this game, but I don’t mean to take away anything from the Patriots. Tom Brady once again had an amazing game to add to his MVP campaign. This was the most complete game that the defense has put out all season. Malcolm Butler was once again unreal. Proving to everyone that he is the #1 Cornerback on this team. Also, can someone please explain to me why Quarterbacks continue to throw at Malcolm in the end zone?

I can not figure out why anyone would think that is a good idea. Matt Ryan again threw it to Julio covered by Malcolm that was basically intercepted, but because Julio is a 6’5″ freak he ripped it right out of Butler’s hands for a touchdown. But I don’t know, since there is only one Julio Jones in the league, I would advise every other Quarterback to not throw Malcolm’s way.

Now looking at the other Cornerback on the field yesterday, Bademosi has impressed the shit out of me. For a guy who is not going to wow you with his measurable like Gilmore and Rowe, Bademosi has just looked solid out there. (Unlike the other two guys I just mentioned) He has played sound defense and hasn’t yet to blow coverage. He has stuck with every assignment and has done a great job contesting everything thrown his way.

Speaking of guys who have impressed me, Kyle Van Noy was a stud last night. The guy was all over the place and was making plays left and right. He has popped in the last couple of games and his snap count continues to rise. He has gone from a guy who couldn’t get on the field in Detroit to a guy who the defending champs can’t afford to take off. And with Hightower leaving the game yesterday with a shoulder injury, we are going to need him to continue to make plays. Also, with Hightower out, we got to see David Harris get meaningful snaps for the first time and he actually looked good. I have no idea if he can cover anyone in the league anymore, but people were not overselling his run-stopping skills geez.

This is without a doubt the best game the Patriots have played as a whole this season and it is without a doubt their biggest win. Without 2 of their best Cornerbacks, they were able to basically shut out one of the best offenses in the NFL.

The Falcons are dead. Whatever part of them that they thought was still alive after the blown lead in the Super Bowl is gone. They are done. Finished. I would not be surprised even a little bit if they end up losing to the Jets next week and get swept by the entire AFC East. And while the Falcons are as good as done, the Patriots are back on top of the AFC. Super Bowl is back on. Minnesota here we come. HIT THE MUSIC!!!

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