The Boston Celtics Have Won 14 Straight Games.

This team just doesn’t make sense. After coming into this season with a completely new roster. After losing Gordon Hayward in the 1st 5 minutes of the season. This team has surprised even the biggest Celtic homers this year. Everyone said that this team would take a while to mesh. That you should throw out what you see before Christmas because they are going to need to build chemistry. Never question the effect Brad Stevens has on this team. He has gotten everyone on the same page and they are playing so well together. It looks like they have played with each other for years. This is most obvious on the defensive side. It is official that this team’s defense is legit. The fact that they were able to hold the monster that is the Golden State Warriors to only 88 points just doesn’t make sense. This defense is the best in the league and they are doing it every single night. Al Horford has been the MVP of this team and that is because of what he has been able to do defensively. Anyone who thinks he isn’t worth a max contract still is out of their minds. He was amazing against Golden State going for 18 points and 11 rebounds.

The star of the night however was Jaylen Brown. This kid is a gamer. The fact that he was able to do what he did with everything he was dealing with with the death of his best friend is just amazing. His best friend passed away and he was able to come out after not thinking he could play and puts up 22 points, 7 rebounds, 2 steals, 2 blocks. Not only did he fill up the stat sheet, but he also played amazing defense. Jaylen is a star in the making. The jump he has made from this last season to this season is amazing to see. With his athleticism and defense, you can just tell that his ceiling as a player is so high. It is crazy to think about how people booed when they drafted him 3rd overall just 2 years ago.

Now that I went over Jaylen’s night, now it’s time to talk about Jayson. For the 1st time this season, Jayson Tatum looked like a rookie. He looked nervous and tight facing off against the Warriors, which I can completely understand. The fact that we are 16 games into the season and this is the first time Tatum has not been great is crazy to think about. He had his worst game of the season and still ended up with 12 points.

Tatum was not the only person who struggled in this game. For the first 3 quarters, Kyrie was not playing great, which makes this win even more surprising. He never got his shot going in this game and he was really ineffective the until he figured out that he could attack the rim. In the 4th quarter he was doing what he does best and that is finishing at the basket. When this team needed him, he stepped up with 11 points in the 4th quarter.

I can’t believe this team was down 17 TWICE and came back both times. The fact that they went on a 19-0 run against the Golden State Warriors just doesn’t make sense. This team is relentless and plays with so much heart. This win is huge for this team, not because it means that they are going to the finals or anything, but because it validates that this team is legit. That this team can compete and fight with anyone in this league. It validates the 14 game winning streak. The Boston Celtics are legit.

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