The Patriots Beat Down The Dolphins, But Walk Out Beat Up

Let me come out right away and say that the Dolphins are a dirty team and it pisses me off that we have to play them once more this season. They are a cheap team that loves to give dirty hits and likes hurting people. There is no reason a team should be head hunting like they do with guys like Kiko Alonso and Ndamukong Suh. And only a team that is poorly coached could have guys getting thrown out for punching someone. Also, how stupid do you have to be to punch a player with a helmet on? The answer is brain dead.

Now that I got that off my chest, I also would like to say that this game was over once the Patriots converted on the fake punt on their first drive.

Just the ultimate fuck you move by Bill Belichick that showed the Dolphins that he not only doesn’t respect them, but also thinks they flat out stink. Some might say it was over when Dolphins’ wonder boy coach, Adam Gase, decided to get cute and elected to receive the ball to start the game. While I think he is a moron for doing that, if you do go down and score, it does change the mood of the game. However, they ended up going 3 and out and then after let up a fake punt and just like that, the Patriots took a 1-0 series lead over Miami. Brady then led a drive all the way down the field and had Rex Burkhead punch it in for 6.

Burkhead once again had a great game and looked great not only in the running game, but in the passing game as well picking up a rushing and receiving touchdown.

While Rex might have been the guy getting the goal line work against the stout Miami D-Line, it was once again Dion Lewis who was the featured back in the running game. My guy was once again the best running back on the field for either team running for 112 yards on 15 carries. Lewis dominating in the lead role while Mike Gillislee is once again a healthy scratch makes me wonder why they did not take my advice from the beginning and unleashed the monster that is Dion.

While they finally did take my advice about Lewis, the Patriots still haven’t taken my advice about using Brandin Cooks in the middle of the field like they use Julian Edelman. Don’t get me wrong, Cooks has been very productive this season, as he is still on pace to have his best season of his career. However, I think with his speed, he would be deadly on slant and drag routes. But after Sunday’s game, I think I figured out why, the guy hates contact. I mean he legit drops whenever he is about to get smacked. I am not saying I blame the guy in the slightest, it take a special kind of person to take the punishment that Edelman does over the middle. But you can just tell Cooks is not that kind of guy. There were multiple times that he just dropped, including this nice pick up in the middle of the field.

So now I know my answer, he just isn’t that type of crazy.

Speaking of crazy, Gronk had his best game of the season in my eyes. He caught 5 balls for 82 yards and two (2) touchdowns.

Just a monster day for the monster that is Rob Gronkowski.

It was just a complete game for the Patriots on Sunday. The offense was going pedal to the metal and the defense was shutting down Miami all game long. Speaking of the defense, Sunday was Stephon Gilmore’s best game in a Patriots uniform. He completely shut down DeVante Parker for 1 catch for 5 yards. Proving that he is the lock down corner that Bill paid him to be this summer when you give him one assignment. And that is not a knock on the guy like some people are trying to say it is. That was the same way we used Darrelle Revis during his stint in New England. Not only did Gilmore play lights out, but he also had really 2 interceptions (one was credited to Harmon).

Just a great game by the whole team. And just like that, the Patriots have won 7 straight and look to be in midseason form like they always do this time of year. Every week they look like they are getting better and better which is a scary thing to think about. Can we just get to the playoffs already???


P.S.   With Thanksgiving being the other day, I am sure as hell not thankful for playing the god awful Miami Dolphins. However, if there is one good that came out of this game, it is that I am thankful for this game giving me my new favorite clip of all time.


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