The Patriots Get Beat By The Dolphins In An Ugly, Ugly Game

And there it is. The worst game of the season. Let me know if you have heard this one before, the Patriots went into Miami and got their ass kicked. Not only did they get their asses kick, but they looked horrible. There is something about playing in Miami that does something to this Patriots team. It is almost their kryptonite that makes Tom Brady look average. The only thing is that on Monday, Brady looked a lot worst than average. It genuinely hurts me to say this, but Brady absolutely stunk Monday night. Now do I think it is because he was playing in Miami? No way. It was because as a whole, the Patriots team is undermanned and were just flat out man handled.

Most specifically, the Patriots got pushed around on both sides of the line. Their Offensive Line was getting torched all day by Cameron Wake and Ndamukong Suh.  Nate Solder must have known  Hanukkah was the next day, because he was getting spun around like dreidel all game long. And the guy next to him, Joe Thuney, was just as bad. As a whole, the O-Line played their worst game of the season and Tom suffered from that. And because Tom had constant pressure, he was getting hit play after play after play. He was running around for his life out there. The Dolphins were blitzing all day long and were getting to Brady. And without Gronk out on the field, Brady had no one to chuck it over the middle too. Without Edelman this year, Gronk has been Brady’s binky over the middle that he chucks it to when he is in doubt. Because Gronk made an idiotic decision and got suspend for it, the Patriot’s Offense suffered.

There is something I would like to address about the game the other night that has been pissing me off. The fact that Brandin Cooks only had one catch is not Brandin Cooks fault. Go back and look at the throws to Cooks. The majority of them were under thrown by Brady. Specifically on the 2 interceptions. On both, Cooks had Xavien Howard beat and Brady under threw both.

So please, stop telling me that Brandin Cooks has been a disappointment this season. Cooks is on pace to put him right where he has been in receiving yards his last 2 seasons. Cooks has been the player that the Patriots knew he was. He is putting up the same stats he always has put up even though he is in an offense with more mouths to feed. So please stop saying that Cooks has been a disappointment.

Someone you can say that was a disappointment however on Monday was Malcolm Butler. That honestly might have been the worst game I have seen Butler have in a while. He got beat over and over again and let up a touchdown to  5′ 6″ Jakeem Grant where he was outmuscled. Not only that, but he also got beat by Grant again that would have been another touchdown on a go route if it wasn’t for a horrible drop. I don’t know what the hell is up with Butler, but if he still wants that payday after this season, he better have one hell of a finish this season.

I don’t want this to sound like an excuse because it is not, but the Patriots need to get healthy and quick. They were missing major guys Monday such as Marcus Cannon, Trey Flowers and Kyle Van Noy. They also lost Alan Branch during the game. Pairing that with Gronk being suspended and it was no surprise why Jon Gruden said he had no idea who half this Patriots team was on the broadcast. If the Patriots are going to make it back to the Super Bowl, they are going to need all 5 of those guys back and playing at 100%.

It is like clockwork. Every single year the Patriots drop a Divisional game and everyone start to panic like this isn’t normal. It happens every year folks. And just like every other year, the Patriots are going to bounce back and keep chugging along. My biggest take away from this game is now I know that the Patriots are going to win this Sunday. The Patriots never lose 2 games in a row. It just doesn’t happen. This team is going to walk into Heinz Field and are going to destroy the Steelers just like they always do. In a game that is going to determine home field through the playoffs, I have never been more confident. We are on to Pittsburgh.

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