The Patriots Run All Over The Bills On Christmas Eve

Another day, another great showing from Dion Lewis. 153 total yards and 2 touchdowns. Just another day in the office for MY RB1. If you have been keeping up with me, you would know that I have been on the Dion band wagon for awhile now. That I was confused why the Patriots decided to throw a bunch of money at every running back on the roster other than Dion because I was a strong believer that he was the most talented back on the team. They gave Rex Burkhead $3.15 million. They gave Mike Gillislee 2 years / $6.5 million. They even extended James White for 3 years / $12 million. Everyone got paid except my guy Dion Lewis. And just like I said I thought they should have, Dion has taken over as the lead back in Foxborough and no pun intended has ran away with it.

Dion has just been tearing it up and proving me right. Now I only hope that when we get into the games that matter now that the playoffs are almost here, we give him an even bigger work load and see him take over games. Just like he did on Sunday.

Dion was not the only Patriot to take over the game however, because there was a guy named Rob Gronkowski who was facing off against his home town team who made a pretty big impact as well. Gronk went off for 5 receptions for 67 yards and the best touchdown catch of the year.

Just unbelievable stuff from the greatest Tight End to ever play the game. A guy who seems to carry a chip on his shoulder whenever he plays the Bills.

And now we finally get to Tom Brady, who once again threw and interception. This time it being a pick-six. I am not one to freak out or over react, but I am one to keep track of the score board. That is now 5 straight games with an interception and I am not going to say I am nervous, but I am paying attention. Brady needs to play better if this team is going to win a Super Bowl plain and simple. He can’t be making the mistakes he has been making and I know he makes digging himself out of a hole easy, but this shit is going to catch up one of these times.

I thought the defense had an ok game. I loved what I saw from the interior defensive line, especially from Malcolm Brown, a guy who I have been critical of after being a 1st round pick. And with Kyle Van Noy still being sidelined, Marquis Flowers really had a great game with 2.5 sacks.

With this win, the Patriots now have their 8h straight season with 12 or more wins which is just absurd. All we do is win and we don’t plan on stopping anytime soon. 12 down, one more to go. Let’s just get by the Jets healthy and lets get to the real season already, the playoffs.

With that being said, I hope everyone had a great holiday and thank you all for making 2017 amazing for everyone here at Binge Sports.

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