Binge Pregame: Celtics Vs Cavs Part II

I am not going to lie, this is the most I have been excited about a regular season basketball game in a long, long time. Sure, I was pretty excited against the Warriors game, but the Cavs are different. Playing LeBron James is different. And with the playoffs last year and then the trade this summer, games against the Cavs just mean more. Don’t get me wrong, the build up to opening night was amazing, but Hayward going down in the first 5 minutes really just killed the game for me. Everyone was just going through the motions the rest of the first half and it really ruined the game.

Now flash forward 40 games later, the Celtics are 1st in the east and have been one of the best teams in the league. And while the Celtics have had a great season so far, the Cavs are not far behind them. And with Isaiah Thomas returning last night, even though he isn’t playing tonight, I believe this game is as important of game as you can have in the regular season. I don’t blame Boston for losing in Cleveland that first game of the season. Obviously, there were many factors that led to them losing by 3. This is a whole new team from the one that took the court on October 17th. And while they aren’t quite playing at the same level that they were playing on during their long winning streak, every player on the team is playing better than they did last time they faced off against LeBron and company.

Obviously there are plenty of juicy story lines for this game. It is Kyrie welcoming LeBron into his new home. This is his chance to show to not only LeBron, but the rest of his critics that he made the right choice of asking for a trade. Obviously I am not saying tonight’s outcome proves him right or wrong for sure, but a win tonight would definitely be a big middle finger to all the unwoke doubters and naysayers, which they are many.

Another big storyline is that this is Isaiah Thomas’ first time back to the Garden since being traded. Obviously, with him coming back the Celtics were going to give him a ‘Thank You Isaiah’ video for everything he had done for the organization. Which, by the way, he 150% deserves. The guy gave everything to this team and helped it come back to the top of the east once again. Al Horford does not sign with Boston without Isaiah. Gordon Hayward does not sign with Boston without Isaiah. Isaiah not only was the heart and soul of the team, but he put his health on the line for it. If you don’t think he deserves a video then you are just an idiot. However, with Isaiah not playing tonight, he asked for the video not to be played and for them to wait for when he is playing. The only problem with that is that the next time the Cavs come to Boston, it is Paul Pierce’s jersey retiring night. You can see how this is problematic. I for one, think Isaiah should suck it up and have them play the video tonight, because while Thomas did a lot for the Celtics, we are talking about Paul fucking Pierce here…

While it sucks that Isaiah isn’t playing tonight, I am actually happy because you just know he would have dropped like 30 on the C’s even with a 20 minute restriction. Even without him, it would sill be huge for the Celtics to pick up the W. It is almost game time and I got a feeling we are in for a good one. I have been thinking about it all day, and while all eyes might be on Kyrie tonight, it is going to be his backcourt partner, Jaylen Brown, who is the hero of this game. Big Stage Jaylen Brown. Let’s go C’s🍀


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