Bill Belichick – “We’re On To Tennessee.”

If for some reason all the news the past week hasn’t hyped you up for Playoff Patriot Football this weekend, then this must have done it. For me, this just topped me off. I am about to run through a brick wall. I can not wait any longer. Just like Thomas Edward Patrick Brady Jr. said earlier this week, “Adversity makes us stronger.”

Just like when everyone and Trent Dilfer counted us out in 2014 when we started off 2-2.


Just like last season when they took away our Quarterback for 4 games for something that was never proven.


Because nothing brings a team together like adversity. Everyone keeps trying to break this organization up but they can’t. Every attempt to split them makes them stronger. Because Tom said it best himself yesterday.

“Fate whispers to the warrior, ‘You cannot withstand the storm.’ The warrior whispers back, ‘I am the storm.’” – Unknown


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