The Patriots Take Down The Jaguars In The AFC Championship And Are Going Back To The Super Bowl

The Patriots are going back to the Super Bowl. After 11 long, long months, the drought is over. Congrats to all the loyal fans who have stuck with this team after all these hard seasons. This year is for you.

Honestly, though, we as a fan base are spoiled and it isn’t even funny. Tom Brady and Bill Belichick are headed to their 8th Super Bowl together. And after winning 3 Super Bowls in their first 4 years together, they now have the chance to do the same thing 16 years later. I know I keep saying how unprecedented this is and how we will never see a run like this ever again in sports, but it is 100% true. Tom and Bill are in uncharted waters in terms of dynasties.

But this article isn’t about dynasties, it is about the amazing game we watched yesterday against the New England Patriots and the Jacksonville Jaguars. I am not going to lie, I did not think the Jaguars could do what they did yesterday. I did not think that Blake Bortles and their offense could score 20 points. If you told me that Jacksonville put up 20 points, I would have thought that their Defense must have taken one back to the house or that they at least forced a turnover in great field position. But no, Jacksonville played an amazing 1st half offensively by basically running the gameplan of your one friend you can’t stand playing in Madden. You know exactly what I am talking about. The one who runs the ball, only picks play action passing plays, and dumps it off to either the running back or the short drag routes. I HATE playing that kid in Madden. Well, Blake Bortles was that guy yesterday for most of the game and it worked. The Patriots were wisely trying to take away Leonard Fournette in this game and couldn’t do it. They were keying in on him so much that Blake was able to have guys wide open on the play action and the bootlegs. I was about to throw my Xbox controller at the tv just from instinct.

However, the Patriots did what they do best and they made adjustments. They started getting creative with their pressure and Fournette had nowhere to go. What had been 3rd and short became 3rd and long and then 4th and punts. Matt Patricia did what I can never figure out how to do in Madden and make adjustments to take away the easy plays from the Jaguars and force Bortles to try to make plays.

While Bortles was able to make plays in the 1st half, the 2nd half was a different story. Like I said, the Pats were able to get creative and bring the pressure. And that is exactly what happened with guys like Trey Flowers, Kyle Van Noy and James Harrison was able to get to the QB and make some plays and have huge games.

However, the Defensive MVP for the Patriots to me Sunday was $65 million dollar man, Stephon Gilmore. I think we can stop talking about how he isn’t a good fit for the Patriots and isn’t worth the money. Because after 2 great playoffs games, plays like this make every penny he earns worth it.

Duron Harmon called Gilmore “a silent assassin” after the AFC Championship, and that is exactly what he has been since returning from injury. Just like it did for Revis when he came to the Patriots, it has taken Gilmore a little time to get a hang of the Patriots Defensive system, but now that he has, the dude is straight up balling.

And he is not the only high priced newcomer that has taken time to get down the Patriots system. While he has had a great season statistically, yesterday Brandin Cooks silenced any haters out there by stepping up huge for the Patriots. 6 receptions for 100 yards and drew another 68 yards on pass interference penalties. Besides a bad drop that hit him in the hand, the guy was money for the Patriots especially when Gronk went out right before the half with a concussion. Playing against a Defense that is designed to shut down outside receivers like him, his speed was too much to handle. A.J. Bouye was giving Cooks such a big cushion that he was able to get 1st down after 1st down with the comeback routes. And when he didn’t give him a huge cushion, Cooks was burning right by him making him and Jalen Ramsey each get called on pass interference.

While Cooks had a huge day for the Patriots, he was not the one who will be remembered in this game. That is because Danny Amendola proved again why he is Mr.Playoffs. Danny put the team on his back just like he has in past playoff games. 84 yard on 7 receptions and of course these two beautiful touchdowns.

I mean that last catch for the game-winning touchdown was just magical.

But the touchdowns weren’t the only reason why he was the games MVP. He had the crazy catch where he looked he jumped twice his hight. He had the beautiful catch on 3rd and 18. And then his catch right before the game-winner that even had Romo second guessing it.

After taking pay cut after pay cut, Danny Amendola is showing everyone why he is not only outperforming what we thought he would be when he came in to replace Wes Welker, but he is proving to be on of Brady’s most clutch go-to targets. God, I love this man.

And now after talking about one male model, we can talk about the other.Thomas Edward Patrick Brady Jr. just did what he does best. While he is no longer young enough for it still to work, he keeps backing up why he is known as the comeback kid. Time and time again, he proves that there is no lead that it is safe. It doesn’t matter that you have a dominant defense or not, you can not stop Brady in the 4th quarter. Seattle has tried and so did Jacksonville. When his back is against the wall, he performs better than anyone else in the history of sports. Sunday was his 4th time coming back in the 4th quarter losing by at least 10 points.

If you want a chance of beating the Patriots, you have to play a full 60 minutes, not 50, not even 59. And to even have a shot, your best 5 minutes have to be your last 5 minutes. It is as simple as that. Because if you don’t, you don’t have a chance. Because that is exactly what you are going to get out of Tom Brady. And that is what he did once again on Sunday. Because even with a busted up throwing hand, he is going to do what he does best, and that is come back and win football games. And that is why he is the GOAT.

Back to back years in the Super Bowl. No one has won back to back since Brady did it back in 2004. The Seahawks tries, but Malcolm Butler got in the way. 8th Super Bowl looking for their 6th ring. This is what competitors like Brady and Belichick live for. This is what they do. If you think they are going to let Nick Foles come in and deny them of adding to their dynasties, then you are an idiot. The Patriots are going to go into Minnesota and do what they do. They are going to do their jobs. Because they are not done. We are on to the Super Bowl.

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