Tom vs Time: Episode 1 Review

Now THAT is what you call Patriots Porn. Yes, I know it is a giant infomercial. Yes, I know this is solely made to pump up TB12 the brand so Tom can sell more nuts. But I do not care. Use any subliminal messages you want. Brainwash me if I am not already. As long as I get more content like this, I do not care.

For the first time, you are able to see Brady pull back the curtains and shows you a little into the life of Tom Brady. The constant struggle of balancing family and his true love, football. He shows that he is indeed the competitive crazy person that we all knew he was. And I don’t care if people look down at it because they think it is a cheap sales tactic, if you are a Tom Brady fan, this was a must watch.

Obviously, Tom narrating the Inside The NFL clips of Super Bowl 51 was the highlight of the episode. It was like the NFL Network America’s Game on steroids. However, I really loved the short clips of Tom Brady at his home. First and the best being him keeping folders of things from every season. Including his suspension letter from the NFL.

Thank you Roger.

Also, I think I almost passed out when Tom goes into his safe and whips out his them 4 Super Bowl rings the day that they were being gifted his 5th.

And then, of course, the best quote of the whole episode. “I can FIRE that motherfucker!”

Of course, while informing people about the TB12 Method is the main point of this whole thing, but being able to try to change the narrative of Alex Guerrero is very obvious in this first episode.

So if you have read this whole article and still have yet to give it a watch, I highly suggest it. And I also highly suggest putting a reminder on your phone that Episode 2 drops Sunday. So get your popcorn or lotion ready, because it is going to be a good one.


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