Tom Brady With The Mic Drop At The Send Off Rally. We Are Officially On To The Super Bowl


I have said it before and I will say it again, nothing in this world gets me more pumped up that Thomas Edward Patrick Brady Jr. screaming the words “Let’s go” at the top of his lungs. Every time I hear that man say those words, it reminds me that I would die for this man.

And here we are, it is the Monday before Tom Brady’s 8th Super Bowl appearance, his 3rd in 4 years, and we have thousands of people skipping school and work to send off this team. Because even though it feels like this happens every year, we never get tired of this shit. We never get complacent. Super Bowls never get old and winning them only gets sweeter and sweeter.

It is not about chasing history anymore, now it is all about adding to it. We are on to the Super Bowl.

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