Tom vs Time: Episode 3 Review


These keep getting better and better and I can not get enough of them. Tom vs Time is my new favorite show and it is not even close. And you don’t have to be a Patriots fan to enjoy a series like this. If you like sports, I do not understand how you could not enjoy this. It is a better version of a 30 for 30 because it is Tom Brady telling the story himself. It is a look into the life and mind of the greatest football player of all time and watching him train coming off of his 5th(!) Super Bowl victory getting prepared in the offseason for going after his 6th(!) Super Bowl appearance. And unless you are a part-time radio host who is trying to fire off a hot take, I do not understand how you could not like a series like this.

Now let’s get into the actual episode. The first thing I noticed and the feeling that I got throughout this episode its that I miss the hell out of Julian Edelman.

I remember feeling the same way after watching NFL Network’s America’s Game of Super Bowl 51. Edelman was narrating last season and it was released right after he went down in Detroit in the preseason with a torn ACL. Watching that and now watching this you realize how important he is not only to Brady on the field, but off it as well. He is a leader in the locker room and obviously is one of Brady’s best friends.

It is interesting though how they included the part where Julian doesn’t partake in the playability workouts with Alex Guerrero. I remember when Edelman when down with the ACL, people were saying that doesn’t look great for the TB12 brand because he was supposed to be on the TB12 Method. However, they did not hesitate to show that really wasn’t. A subtle hint that maybe if he did work on playability instead of hitting the weights, maybe he would have not gotten injured.

Also, I wanted to share that is is my new goal in life to make it to Tom Brady’s Yellowstone Club cabin.

And while it is VERY unlikely I ever get invited there, it is my goal still. The place looks like the most fun place in the world. I am actually suggesting that Brady sues Disneyland for the trademark of ‘The Happiest Place In The World” because it is without a doubt the Yellowstone Club. A golf course, ATVs, a football field, this place has it all.

It is no surprise that Edelman and Danny Amendola are considered as Tom’s go-to guys. They have worked their asses off to earn that title. It’s not a secret that over Toms career, he has had a ‘circle of trust’. Brady throws to guys who he trusts and is on the same wave link with. It is the reason why Tom can chuck up a ball to Danny on a crucial 3rd down in the playoffs without even looking his way.

These guys are coming off of a Super Bowl where they both had amazing games and are spending their Summer with Brady working their asses off. This is why Edelman has become so important to what the Patriots do. This is why Danny ‘Playoff’ Amendola is catching game-winning touchdowns in the AFC Championship.

Even if you aren’t a Patriots fan, you have to respect the work that these guys put in even after all the success they have had. They are out here working like they haven’t won a damn thing.

Every episode of Tom vs Time has become appointment viewing. And if you haven’t given it a try, I 1000% sugguest you do. Because no one wants to miss out on a Brady quote like this:



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