Jonathan Kraft Says Tom Brady Has Earned The Right To Retire Whenever The Hell He Wants

BREAKING NEWS: Tom Brady isn’t going anywhere. He said it in the past and I believe him, he is going to play until he is 45. He was even asked yesterday about retirement and he doesn’t understand why people keep asking him about it.

Brady is going to be a Patriot for life and is going to play until he is 45. And there is a reason why everyone keeps using the benchmark age of 45. It was explained in Tom vs Time by Brady’s throwing coach Tom House that at the age 45, your body can’t recover anymore the same way. Brady knows he has till he is 45 to be able to play at this same level. So until he turns 45 on August 3, 2023, Brady will be the starting Quarterback of the New England Patriots. And once he decides that he can’t play anymore, he will hang it up and enjoy his amazing life and run his TB12 brand and make millions of dollars. It is not bad being Brady.

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