Malcolm Butler Denies Rumors About Super Bowl Benching, And Tom Brady Liked It

And here we are, from 3 years ago to having Malcolm Butler being the reason why New England won the Super Bowl, to now him being the reason they lost it.

When I say that, I do not mean that it is his fault that they lost. I am saying that him not being on the field during that game on Sunday was the reason they lost. The Patriots’ defense played like shit. There is no other way to put it. They let Nick Foles, the Eagles backup Quarterback, dice them up. And Malcolm not being out on the field is a giant reason why.

Now there was plenty of speculation of why Bill decided that their former Pro Bowl Cornerback, a guy who had played in almost 98% of the team’s defensive snaps this season, should have been benched. There was this report yesterday by former Pro Football Focus writer Joey Cartolano reported:

That Malcolm was out at a Rick Ross concert and came back pass curfew with weed. Also that he got into it with an assistant coach.

There was also the report by Ian Rapoport on NFL Network yesterday saying that Malcolm was sick, had a bad week of practice, and violated a minor team rule:

However, obviously, from Malcolm’s post, none of these rumors are true. Malcolm was not benched because of a disciplinary issue. Malcolm Butler was benched because Bill Belichick wanted to bench him. Bill was overly cocky and thought that he could win without Malcolm. He made a gamble and it blew up in his face.

Sure, Malcolm could be lying, but he would look really stupid if he was. It is easy to prove if he did any of those things. I do not think he would say he didn’t do it if he actually did. Which makes me think that Bill wanted to flex his power. Show everyone that he is the one who is making the decisions around here. That he got petty. Bill has a history giving a big middle finger to guys who don’t negotiate with him. Malcolm didn’t take the home discount that Bill tried to sign him to this offseason and it would not surprise me a little that that had something to do with this. I think if Malcolm took the deal that Bill laid in front of him last summer, Butler is out on that field.

I am sure that isn’t the only reason, Mike Giardi is one of the many people who has come out and said that Malcolm has not been an easy player to coach:

Which is why I believe Bill let it get personal and jumped at the chance to bench Butler after a couple bad practices after coming back from being sick.

Bill went against his own saying,”Players win games and coaches lose them.”

He let this get personal and it cost him and the team the Super Bowl. There is no good reason why Malcolm should have not been out on that field. And a bunch of players in that locker room agree. With guys like Tom Brady and Dont’a Hightower liking this post, it shows that they are on Malcolm’s side in this. And if you have two of your captains feeling this way, how do you think the rest of the locker room is going to feel?

Tom Brady is pissed. And I don’t blame him. He did everything he could to win that game on Sunday, but his defense let him down. And his coach let him down by not putting in one of their best defensive players. Belichick decided to have Jordan Richards out there trying to cover over Malcolm Butler. There is no way to justify that as being “The best decision for the football team” like Bill said it was.

Belichick made a decision to not play one of his best players in the Super Bowl and it cost the Patriots the game. Patriot players disagree with his decision and let’s see if it results in players losing any trust in him. Making this decision could have cost Bill more than a Super Bowl ring, it could have cost him the trust of his team.

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