Tom Vs Time: Epilogue Review


It’s been a long, long offseason. Between the Super Bowl loss, the retirement talk, the drama (lots and lots of drama), it feels like forever since we have seen Tom Brady play football. Tom vs Time was a great look into the world of Tom. We got to see more from him than ever before, and throughout the series, there were underlying themes.

Obviously, the clearest one was that this is pretty much one big infomercial for TB12. Tom is out here trying to make a buck, which he should be. I have no problem with anyone trying to promote the brand. Between all the TB12 product placement and Tom talking about his training, this was all just one big commercial, but we knew that going into this.

The second theme throughout the series was Tom being upset with his lack of freedom in the organization. From Tom making sure to show him having to walk up to the box seats in the stadium to get a pregame massage to Tom talking directly about how he feels on the matter. Part of this show, in my opinion, was to continue the passive-aggressiveness about the Alex Guerrero situation.

After the last episode where Tom questioned why he was doing this, and who he was doing this for. Then obviously he missed all the optional practices this offseason. When he returned for mini-camp, he really didn’t answer many questions and even said he felt “like a broken record” telling the media that he wasn’t contemplating retirement. Well, obviously that seemed ingenuine, saying this offseason to Oprah “I think about it more now than I used to. I think I’m seeing that there’s definitely an end coming sooner rather than later.”

This final episode of Tom vs Time seemed like a perfect opportunity for Tom to answer all these questions on his terms and in a way he can get everything out there and clear up any questions right before the season begins. And that was exactly what it was.

Tom addressed everything from why he took time away from football and spent more time with his family. Tom talked about how these last few years were less fun than they should have been. He said that the media is always trying to make something bigger than it is. And most importantly, he wants to play for five (5) more seasons.

Here are the highlights.

Spending More Time With The Brady Family

This is pretty self-explanatory. Tom has been playing football for a long, long time. Not only is Tom busy with football July-February, but football is a year-round job for Tom. This is a guy who trains harder than anyone else and he feels like he hasn’t given his family and more importantly his children the attention they deserve. Like he said, if he is in ‘Crazy Tom’ mode August-February, then March-July needs to be about his family.

I Don’t Just Give A Fuck That Much Anymore

Like I said, Tom has been playing football for a long, long time. And when you win as much as the Patriots do, the spotlight has been on Tom for a long, long time. With all the bullshit in the media these last couple of seasons with Deflategate and all the controversy, I don’t blame him for not giving a fuck anymore. Ignore the noise.

Not One, Not Two, Not Three, Not Four

Like look at Patriots fans after hearing this quote

The broken record keeps playing. Tom isn’t retiring. He isn’t retiring anytime soon. Tom isn’t going anywhere. If you are quite enough right now, what you can hear in the distance is the crying of fans from the other 29 fanbases. There is no cliff and Tom Brady definitely isn’t falling off it, sorry Max Kellerman.

And that’s it. Tom vs Time is finally over. The ‘power struggle’ talk can be postponed until next offseason when the media is looking for something to talk about. There are no holdouts. Tom and Gronk both got paid. The preseason is over. We are officially onto Week One. And more importantly,

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