Don’t Tell Bill Belichick, But Josh Gordon Was At Practice Today

Josh Gordon is a New England Patriot. Well, maybe? Not officially? I don’t even know anymore. Yesterday, both the Browns and the Patriots issued press releases about the trade, Gordon passed his physical and had been added to the Patriots roster on their website. However, for some reason, Bill Belichick would not admit that the Patriots have traded for Josh Gordon.

Had the trade really not been made official? Or was Bill just pulling his nutsack out and dragging it on the podium for all the beat reporters to see? As much as Bill gets off on making the media work for every piece of information, Bill might have been telling the truth the whole time.

Whether or not the trade had been official during the time of the press conference, by the time practice rolled around soon after, the newest Patriot was out on the field sporting his new jersey number. I guess whoever wears his old number 12 wasn’t interested in selling it to him.

Josh Gordon was out on the field donning the flying Elvis on his helmet. As for someone who has been a Gordon fan for years and has been begging the Patriots to acquire him, this video sent a tear down my cheek and a tightening in my pants. According to the Injury Report,  Josh was a limited participant due to the hamstring injury that apparently was the “final straw” in Cleveland. I don’t know if he will play this (ohhhh) Sunday Night, but it doesn’t look like the hamstring is going to affect that.

Obviously, everyone is excited about Josh being here in New England. I think he is going to be a difference maker to this team. I think he is going to add something to this team that they haven’t had since Randy Moss. Not saying he is going to be Randy Moss 2.0, not at all, but I think he is the most talented Wide Reciever the Patriots have had since the Freak. I think he is a game changer, and it seems like his new teammates agree with me.

If Gordon is successful in New England, he is going to have to take advantage of the great leadership that the Patriots have in their locker room. From guys like Dont’a Hightower, his former teammate Jason McCourty and his brother Devin McCourty, Gronk, and now the guy in the locker right next to his, Tom Brady.


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