Game Day. Julian Edelman’s Weather Warning

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January football. #LFG

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And just like that, I am ready to run through a brick wall. LET’S GO!

Nothing quite gets me ready for a big game like a hype video. One of the great parts about the Patriots going on deep playoff runs every single year is that our players know what they need to do to get prepared for games like today. They know what type of preparation they need to do on the bye week. They know what type of focus they are going to need the week of practice leading up to the game. They know exactly how much sleep they need the night before. They know how many layers of clothes they need for peak performance in the cold weather in Foxborough. And most importantly, they know to have their hype videos ready to go for game day.

The Patriots have been here before and their playoff experience shows every single year. And this hype video Julian just dropped only proves it. Julian Edelman is without a doubt undefeated in the hype video department. 1000/1000

Extreme cold weather indeed. My favorite thing in the world is when teams like LA come into Gillette in these cold weather games, Bill sets up these thermometers outside their locker rooms just to let them know what they are in store for.

Welcome to New England. To quote my friend Tedy Bruschi, “You come to Foxborough, it’s gonna be snowing. It’s gonna be cold. C’mon in here! You wanna say all you want? You wanna change the rules? Change ’em! We still play. And we win. That’s what we do.”

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